House wines

White wine
Gl. 59,-
1/1 239,-
Anciens Temps, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Gascogne (F)
Red wine
Gl. 59,-
1/1 239,-
Anciens Temps, Grenache/Merlot, , Languedoc (F)
Rosé wine
Gl. 59,-
1/1 239,-
Clamour, Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot (S)

White wine

The light and fresh
By the glass Riesling (D) 269,-
Anima de Raimat, Chardonnay (S) 279,-
3 Wooly Sheep, Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) 299,-
The fruity
Bestheim Reserve, Riesling, Alsace (F) 269,-
Sensas, Chardonnay, Sud France (F) 259,-
Bestheim reserve, Pinot Blanc, Alsace (F) 249,-
The full-bodied
Wildcard, Chardonnay, Peter Lehmann (A) 279,-
Louis Jadot, Chablis (F) 339,-
Legaris, Verdeja (S) 279,-
Stone Barn, Chardonnay (USA) 279,-

Rosé wine

Clamour, Rosé, cabernet sauvignon, merlot (E)
Gl. 59,-
1/1 239,-
Fossa Granara, Tommassi, Chiaretto Rosé
Gl. 69,-
1/1 259,-

Dessert wine (6 cl.)

Muscat, Domaine Cazes, Rivesaltes (Økologisk) (F) 60,-
Otima 10 Portvin, Warres. Portugal 70,-

Red wine

The velvety
Sensas, Cabernet/Syrah, Sud France (F) 259,-
Valpolicella Ripasso, Capitello, Corvina/Rondinella (I) 279,-
Boutinot, Les Coteaux, Cortes de Rhöne (F) 299,-
The full-bodied
Anima de Raimat, Tempranillo (S) 279,-
Amarone Tajapiera, Corvina/Rondinella, Della Val Policella (I) 499,-
Amarone Tommasi, Corvina, Rondiella (I) 699,-
Barolo Marziano Abbona, Nebbiolo, La Peive, Piemonte (I) 499,-
Brunello di Montalcino, Verbena (I) 599,-
Martery, Pinot Noir, , Sud France (F) 259,-
Brazin, Zinfandel, Lodi, Delicato Family (USA) 329,-
The fruity
667, Pinot Noir, Monterey, Delicato Family (USA) 329,-
De Martino, Cabernet Sauvignon (CHILE) 259,-
Louis Jadot, Bourgogne, Pinot Noir (F) 329,-

Champagne and sparkling wine

Cava Brut Codorniu 1551, (Piccolo flaske, 20 cl.) (E) 90,-
Cava Brut Codorniu 1551, Blanc (E) 279,-
Cava Rosé, Codorniu 1551 (E) 279,-
Cava Anma De Codorniu (S) 279,-
Cremant de Bourgogne, Léonce Bocquet (F) 299,-
Nicolas Feuilatte, Champagne Brut, reserve (F) 529,-
Möet & Chandon, Brut Imperial (F) 649,-
Dom Perignon, Champagne, Brut – (F) 1500,-


Cold & fresh

Fresh juice and smoothies (until 5 pm)

Orange juice  50,-
Smoothie 1 50,-
Orange, blueberry and raspberry
Smoothie 2 50,-
Orange, mango and passion
Smoothie 3 50,-
Apple, strawberry and banana


Søbygaard 38,-
Elderflower, raspberry, cranberry and blackcurrant lemonade

Soda – glass

Sodavand 30,- / 44,-
Sparkling water, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Schweppes Lemon

Soda – bottle

Ginger Ale, Solita orange juice, Raspberry, apple juice, Tonic, Cocio  28,-
Ramlösa 32,-
With lemon
Red Bull 40,-


Draft beer

Green Tuborg and Tuborg Classic  34,- / 52,-
Tilbud Offer. Pitcher (1 1/5l)  109,-
Grøn Tuborg og Tuborg Classic
Specialty draft beer 38,- / 58,-

Bottled beer

Tuborg, Ceres, Carlsberg and Tuborg Super Light 35.-
Guld Tuborg, Tuborg FF and Wilbroe Porter 40.-
Current specialty beers  Price of the day
 (Ask the bartender)


Somersby 45,-
Mokai 45,-

Nice & hot


Regular cup of coffee  26,-
Refill of regular coffee  14,-
Plunger coffee
Small  58,-
Big  92,-
Caffé latte  36,-
Caffé au lait  36,-
Cortado 36,-
Espresso 26,-
Americano 26,-
Cappucino 36,-
Macchiato 26,-
Caffé flavour 38,-
Caffé latte with syrup
American espresso  44,-
Hot cocoa, espresso, whipped cream
Ice coffee  38,-
Espresso with milk, shaken with ice cubes and syrup
Extra espresso shot  12,-

Specialty coffee

LAVA Coffee  59,-
Kahlúa, brun farin og flødeskum
Irish Coffee  59,-
French Coffee  59,-
Grand Marnier, brown sugar and whipped cream
Italian Coffee  59,-
Sambuca, brown sugar and whipped cream
Mexican Coffee  68,-
Tequila, Kahlua, brown sugar and whipped cream

Hot beverages

Hot cocoa  36,-
With whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles
Tea 'Fredsted'  32,-
(Ask the waiter)



Cubanacan Reserva Familiar 12 year  55,-
This rum has a scent of brown sugar, oak, and vanilla.
The taste is potent yet also burns a little.
You will find sweetness from raisins, oak, spices, and caramel.
Ron Zacapa 75,-
The world’s longtime best rum. The rum is from Guatemala and it is aged by the
process of Solera which gives it a really nice character. It has a nice sweetness,
lots of complexity, and a nice long aftertaste. The rum has a scent of flowers and
notes of vanilla and honey. It tastes of caramel, honey, syrup, chocolate, and ripe fruits.
Puntacana Club Esplendido  75,-
This rum has the scent of caramel. There is not a strong taste in the mouth
and you hardly sense the alcohol. It is a great caramel candy experience.
However, you will also get hints of brown sugar and vanilla in the aftertaste.
Ron Quorhum 30 aniversario 110,-
The rum has an amazing scent of brown sugar, vanilla, dark chocolate,
heavy and sweet wood, and a hint of citrus that lights it up among the other
heavier notes. This rum heavyweight mixes the flavor of rich butterscotch
and honey sweetness with orange peel, oak, and coffee notes.


Bas Armagnac VSOP 55,-
Bas Armagnac Baron 15 year  75,-


Hors d’age 50,-
25 year  95,-


Poire William 45,-
Framboise 55,-


Premiér Saveurs – 6 carat 50,-
6 carats means that this Cognac has been aging for six years.
Premiérs Saveurs 6 Carat reveals aromas that represent the
whole spectrum of fruits. The taste is elegant, soft, and
has a hint of vanilla.
Bio Attitude – 7 years  55,-
Bio Attitude is an organic Cognac that has been aging for
seven years in non-roasted wood barrels. Bio Attitude has an
amber yellow color and a bouquet of citrus and vanilla.  The taste is light,
elegant yet still fresh and fruity which makes Bio Attitude seem well rounded.
Age du Fruit – 10 carats 75,-
Age du Fruit is an incredibly fresh Cognac with notes of vanilla.
As the name implies, the taste is very fruity. You will find citrus,
apricot and orange to name a few.
Age des Fleurs – 15 carats 115,-
As the name implies, this is a Cognac with notes of flowers (rose, jasmin and lily).
The long aging on oak gives it a nice bouquet of vanilla and a little bit of licorice without
overpowering the nice freshness from the flowers. The Cognac has a nice and long-lasting finish.
Age des Epices – 20 carats 140,-
Leopold Gourmel Age des Epices is a synonym for winter.
It is round and very potent med notes of spices (pepper, coriander, and ginger),
ripe fruit, and hints of tobacco. It has an amazing aftertaste.


Aalborg akvavit
3 cl.  40,-
1/1 bottle 700,-
Brøndums schnapps
3 cl.  40,-
1/1 bottle 700,-
O.P. Anderson akvavit
3 cl.  40,-
1/1 fl. 700,-
Aalborg nordguld akvavit
3 cl.  40,-
1/1 bottle 700,-
Linie akvavit
3 cl.  40,-
1/1 bottle 700,-


Chianti Classico, Fonterutoli, Toscana 45,-
Amarone, Tommasi, Valpolicella 55,-


Classic cocktails

All day

Embassy Royal 100,-
Caipirinha, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, Cuba Libre, Tom Collins, Pink Panther, Tequila Sunrise 80,-

Offer: Cocktails – 2 for the price of 1

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 pm till closing time

Makes a man out of you Whiskey Sour 100,-
A real man’s drink with lots of fine liquor
Crush 43 80,-
A delicious light drink made with a passion for good craftsmanship
White Russian 80,-
A classic, elegant and last but not least creamy cocktail
Mojito 80,-
The eternal classic made with love
LAVA special 80,-
Every month, we put together a delicious cocktail that is guaranteed to hit the spot

Frozen Blends

Strawberry Daiquiri 80,-
4 cl. Rum, lime juice, syrup and strawberries
Blueberry Daiquiri 80,-
4 cl. Rum, lime juice, syrup and blueberries
Frozen Mojito 80,-
4 cl. Rum, lime juice, syrup, mint and strawberries

Long drinks

Long island iced tea  130,-
2 cl. vodka, 2 cl. rum, 2 cl. gin, 2. cl. tequila, 2 cl. triple sec and lime juice. Topped with cranberry juice and coke.
Jamican iced tea 120,-
2 cl. vodka, 2 cl. rum, 2 cl. gin, 2 cl. triple sea, lemon juice and syrup. Topped with pineapple juice.

Happy Hour

Sunday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Nachos 49,-
Cheddar, mozzarella and jalapeños. Served with guacamole, crème fraiche and home-made salsa. (Add chicken 20, -)
Cappuccino, Caffe Latté, regular coffee  Half price
Large draft beer  30,-