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Restaurant LAVA is a unique pearl in the center of Aarhus that stands out from the many other eateries along the river. LAVA focuses on creating a good atmosphere, a high quality of service, and great taste experiences at reasonable prices.

Because of this, LAVA has quickly become a popular hangout. The restaurant has asserted itself as one of the best places to eat in Aarhus for everybody who is looking for a delicious meal overlooking the river. Restaurant LAVA is located on Åboulevarden which is only a stone’s throw away from Skt. Clemens Bro, that is brimming with happy people and a vibrant ambiance. Originally the restaurant opened back in 1999 under the name “Café Svej” that immediately became known as a unique dinning place by the river in the city of smiles. In addition to being a restaurant, we are also a cafe and a bar.


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2-course meal for 222 kr.

At our restaurant, you can always expect high quality service, and food prepared from the finest produce and served at low prices.

You can choose from a wide array of dishes from our all-day menu which includes both classic and new taste experiences. Do not miss Restaurant LAVA’s popular offer. You will get 3 excellently prepared courses, beginning at 200 kroner, that you can enjoy alongside the best view in town overlooking Åboulevarden. Our new and very skilled head chef continuously develops fresh menus inspired by the seasons. This ensures that our guests return over and over again.

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Cosy mood and a relaxing atmosphere

The interior design of the restaurant is done is authentic French style. Here you can find cozy nooks, lights that set the prefect ambience, decorative mirrors, and an inviting bar where you can enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

It is the uncrowned king of cafes Jan Rhode who is behind the decor, and who, as one of his last creations, has established LAVA’s cozy mood and relaxing atmosphere. At restaurant LAVA, you will always be greeted with a smile. The great open window section overlooking the river invites you in and guarantees a restaurant experience that puts the guests first. Children and adults alike can enjoy the magnificent view of the river and the huge open kitchen where our brilliant chefs prepare dishes to suit everyone’s taste. When the Danish weather allows for it, LAVA also offers outdoor dining. Here you can enjoy the sun with a cup of coffee or a delicious meal, while you really get the sense of the unique setting along the river. Many people also book our banquet rooms all year round due to our fantastic location.

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Delicious and carefully selected wines

Our professional sommelier has carefully selected the astonishing wines you will find in our menu. Among many other options, the restaurant offers a fantastic and very authentic Spanish wine menu.

However, on the versatile wine menu you will find many other great wines from all over the world. No matter if you prefer a rich, soft or fruity red wine or a light and fresh white wine, our friendly servants can always guide you to the best wine to match your meal.

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Reserve a table online or by phone

If you want to be guaranteed a table at our restaurant for you and your guests, you can easily reserve a table though our online booking system or by calling us at: +45 25 53 30 31. You can also email us at kontakt@lavaaarhus.dk .

You can always also just stop by. Our welcoming servers will do their best to find you a table so you can enjoy a well-cooked, affordable meal in cozy settings in the heart of Aarhus. The restaurant seats around 70 people at a time. Furthermore, you can also reserve tables for larger crowds, and every Sunday it is possible to book the entire venue from 5 pm, if you want to host a big event at the best restaurant along the river. Parking is not an issue either despite the central location. The establishment of DOKK1 by Aarhus harbour has made it easier than ever before to drive to town because it offers a fully automatic and heated parking system within a two-minute walk of the restaurant.

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