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4 different table packages

We have put together some amazing prices on our five table packages that will be ready for you at arrival so that you are guaranteed a great night out. It only requires a few clicks below on this site to order and you do not have to pay now.

Do you want a tailor-made table package?

We strive to provide our guests with the ultimate experience every time they visit LAVA. Because of this, we also fulfill special wishes for table packages. Write us at: well in advance.

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The Silver Package

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The Golden Package

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The Platinum Package

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The Diamond Package

Bottles & Shots

Små Shots
1 pc. (2cl) 30,- // 5 pcs. 65,- // 10 pcs. 100,-
1 Bottle 400,-

Choose between Små varianter:
Små Fugle, Små Konger, Små Grønne, Små Sure Sour Juicy Mango, Små Sure Lemon Sorbet, Små Sure Raspberry, Små Bats or Små Sure Watermelon.

Standard Shots
1 pc. (2cl) 35,- // 5 pcs. 100,- //10 pcs. 170,-
1 Bottle 500,-

Choose between:
Pure Apple, Pure Licorice, Sambuca, Råstoff or Koskenkorva Vodka.

Råstoff variants:
Råstoff Salty Caramel, Råstoff Pure Liquorice, Råstoff Vanilla Pineapple or Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb.

Deluxe Shots
1 pc. (2cl) 40,- // 5 pcs. 120,- // 10 pcs. 200,-
1 Bottle 600,-

Choose between:
Ballade Fabrikken Eggcellent (Kinder Chocolate), Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila, Koskenkorva Minttu, Nordsø Bitter, Jägermeister, Baileys, Fernet Branca or Fernet Menta.

1 pc. (2cl) 50,- // 4 pcs. 150,- // 10 pcs. 300,-

Jägermeister & Red Bull.

House Bottles
Incl. 1 Mixer of Choice

600 kr.

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila, Barracuda Silver rom, Barracuda Gold rom, Arctic Dry gin, Koskenkorva vodka, Passoa or Råstoff variants.

700 kr.

Jack Daniels whiskey, Barracuda 7 års Gran Reserva rum or Skagerrak Nordic Dry gin.


70 cl.

999 kr.

Incl. 5 Red Bull

1.75 L

2495 kr.

Incl. 5 Red Bull



Choose from:
Schweppes Lemon, Fanta, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Sprite, Orange-, Apple-, Pineapple- or Cranberry juice.


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